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Lighting Installation

At Press Electric, lighting is our passion!

Any licensed electrician can wire your house, but at Press Electric we consider ourselves true lighting consultants. That means we’ll help you better understand how to use lighting to showcase, highlight, accent, and add functionality to your home.

Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of your lighting needs and goals and doesn’t end until you are completely satisfied.

The various lighting in your home falls into four general categories:

  • Ambient lighting – for safe passage, functionality, and visibility (your standard home lighting)
  • Task lighting – for specific areas (garages, laundry rooms, kitchens)
  • Accent lighting – for highlighting and showcasing areas of your home (artwork, pictures, bookcases, china cabinets, bar backs, fireplaces)
  • Security lighting – for safety and enhancing nighttime visibility (floodlights, motion sensors, photo cells, dusk to dawn timers)

Combining a strong technical grasp of the above four lighting categories with years of experience, Press Electric will use lighting to improve your home’s value, visibility, and style.

We specialize in all types of lighting, including:

Lighting Packages NJ

  • Recessed
  • Track
  • Fluorescent
  • High Efficiency Fluorescent
  • Flood
  • Low Voltage
  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes – great for energy efficiency and low heat output)
  • Surface Mount (sconces, carriage lights, porcelain fixtures, pendants)
  • Chandeliers ( we install every chandelier based on three viewpoints: from the street, from the foyer, and from the second level of your home)
  • Motorized Chandelier Wenches
  • 3-Way Switches, 4-Way Switches, Dimmer Switches

From low-level under counter kitchen lighting and bar pendants to adding track lighting to existing areas, discover how the right kind of lighting can dramatically change your home!
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