Knob and Tube Replacement

If you’ve noticed that the wiring in your home’s attic and basement runs through a series of ceramic knobs and tubes, you have what’s known as” knob & tube” wiring.

knob and tube wiringKnob & tube wiring is typical in houses constructed before the 1950’s. Other signs of knob & tube wiring include two-slotted outlets and push button switches throughout your home.

Aside from the inconvenience of not being able to use modern appliances with three-pronged plugs in your home, knob & tube wiring poses an even greater problem to homeowners of which you might not be aware.

Homes with knob & tube wiring are difficult or even impossible to insure because they are perceived as a risk by most major insurers.

Press Electric can help you replace your knob and tube wiring with modern 3-wire grounded circuits, replacing all of your old outlets with new 3-pronged grounded outlets.

A certificate of inspection and compliance from a licensed electrician will then be available to you upon request.

If you live in New Jersey and would like to learn more about replacing your knob and tube wiring, contact us at 856.764.3229.

knob and tube wiringknob and tube wiring