Electrical Home Inspections

If you wish to have your home’s electrical system inspected for the following reasons, we can help!

  • Safety
  • Home evaluation
  • Insurance
  • Code compliance

Even if we didn’t install for your home’s current wiring, as a licensed electrical contractor Press Electric is fully certified to inspect your home’s wiring.

With a keen focus on safety and functionality, our team of trained electricians will thoroughly test and inspect ALL aspects of your home’s service and wiring, inside and out.

A Home Inspection from Press Electric is not complete until we have…

  • Checked the service cables and meter for water damage, rust, and general weathering
  • Exercised and inspected all breakers in the panel board for water damage, rust, and corrosion
  • Checked the connection tightness and wire integrity of all circuits inside the panel board
  • Ensured that all grounds are connected and bonded
  • Tested all hardwired smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (FAQ: How often should I replace my smoke/cm detectors?)
  • Tested and oiled all exhaust fans
  • Tested the functionality of all GFCI and AFCI branch circuit protectors
  • Checked the polarity and functionality of all receptacles and switches

Upon completion of your home inspection, Press Electric will provide you with a certificate of limited electrical code compliance, endorsed by a licensed electrician.

All home inspections from Press Electric are performed by clean, courteous, and trustworthy trained electricians with minimal disruption to your home.

If you live in New Jersey and would like to contact Press Electric for an electrical inspection, please call us at 856.764.3229.